Gearing UP 4 Grants Workshop

"The Gearing UP 4 Grants Event presented by JFY Consulting, Inc. was in a word - Excellent. The information provided was relevant. It included not only the how and what to do, but also the what not to do plus so much more. The format was relaxed yet structured and organized. The presenter, Marilyn Green, gave valuable realistic examples that made this complex subject matter user friendly and interesting. Her enthusiasm was contagious- so much so That even the small group exercise was fun and energizing. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn how to write a grant and have "take aways" that are forever lasting. Thanks JFY Consulting, Inc.!" -Denise Hughes

"The workshop was very provoking. It made me to get up-get busy and stop procrasinating. Thank you for the push towards greatness from greatness." -Pastor Amber Cole, Breath of Life Christian Fellowship Center

"I enjoyed the workshop! You presented the information very well and clear. The time was well spent!" -Tijuana Macon

Wisdom, Women & Wine Lifeshop

"Outstanding workshop! Professionally done and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner. The information that I learned in this workshop will greatly help me achieve my business goals. I would highly recommend this Lifeshop to anyone interested in improving and growing their business." -Vivian D. Cockrell, MVC Trinity International

"I truly enjoyed the Lifeshop! It was very well done and provided useful information. I feel like I have the motivation I need to pursue my life and career goals. I will definitely recommend this workshop to others. Great job, JFY Consulting! " -Maurya D. Cockrell, YKNOT Consulting LLC

"This lifeshop was Interesting and good information was provided to help with goal planning." -Nicole Rice

"Great workshop. Marilyn lives what she teaches and gives practical examples of how you can refocus your focus. If you are needing to reclaim your life, I recommend you attend this workshop." -Tara Sangster-Clark

"Wisdom, Women & Wine Lifeshop" Empower you into conditioning your Mind to create the beliefs and emotions to support your amazing life. One of the Great privileges and benefits of running a successful business and living and abundant life full of blessings and gratitude, is the ability to contribute to making the world a better place." -Linda Cole

"Thanks for inviting me to Saturday's Life Shop. It was great being in the presence of so many great women all seeking more of what life has to offer both personally and professionally. Thanks for coordinating. I am looking forward to future sessions!" -Tamara V. Walker