Broken resolutions!

Most people are so excited about the new year and how it is suppose to bring really “a new year” for the person who wants to have a fresh start and do things better. Well, most of the time we are going strong beginning January 1 and then by January 31, the steam that was driving us is slowly leaving like an old happy birthday helium balloon.

Well, all is not lost. I am here to tell you that I believe that New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken. Yea, I said it and I hope I helped a lot of “do-gooders” who have come short on their resolutions already,

Resolutions that are made because it is the trending thing to do each year are bound to fail. I believe that they fail because first and perhaps the meanest thing to say is because you really did not mean them, but were peer pressured to say something. The second reason for failure is that your expectations are set too high, for example, you say to your self, “Self, I am going to lose 50 pounds in 3 months”. Can you lose that much weight in 3 months? Absolutely!!! The real commitment is can you keep it off, probably not. That leads me to my final reason resolutions fail. They fail because you made the resolution to the New Year and not to the New Years.

Changing your lifestyle means changing the style of your life forever.  

Peace to U,


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