It has been a while since we have talked…busy with life!  I have decided to change the direction of my blogs that will include both motivation and share what I have finally decided I would like to do when I grow up!!

Well, I am in the midst of teaching 4 eager- to – learn students how to Gear Up 4 Grants at a local college.  Wow! It is so, so, so rewarding and it causes a “natural high”.  I heard people say that when it is what you are suppose to be doing, it just comes natural.   Honestly, it is not a chore to go and share what I know with people who are thirsty for knowledge that will cause them to grow.  In fact, I am honored and thankful to be a part of the journey with them.

The class is Grant Writing and I am teaching from the eyes of a grant reviewer.  I was recently teaching on Approach or Program Implementation and we discussed a model that one will find can be used in every area of your life.  It is called a Logic Model.  I thought and thought about it and I said, Ah ha! I can write a blog about it.

So, it goes like this:

If certain resources are in my life, then I can use them to accomplish planned activities, then if I accomplish these planned activities, then I will complete my goals and if I complete my goals that I will benefit in a certain way and if these benefits are achieved then certain changes in my life will occur.  It is the “if and then” algorithm.

Certain resources are needed to operate your program If you have access to them, then you can use them to accomplish your planned activities. If you accomplish your planned activities, then you will hopefully deliver the amount of product and/or service that you intended. If you accomplish the planned activities to the extent you intended, then your participants will benefit in certain ways. If these benefits to participants are achieved, then certain changes in organizations,communities or systems might be expected to change.

Source: WWKellogg Foundation

EXAMPLE: Let’s use the model with the assumption that there will be plenty of jobs available for graduates.  We can say if I had the money and the discipline, then I could go to college.  If I go to college and study,  then I can complete the courses.  If I  complete the courses, then I will graduate and secure a job.  If I graduate and secure a job, then I will add to the pay taxes and then my community may change.

If you have a dream and you are trying to implement it, try this model and think carefully on every step and if you can not complete that step with complete transparency, then stop.  Come back to that step when you are ready.  I find that this method of asking yourself, “if” and “then”,  serves as a guiding principle to make your dreams come true.  Once you have mastered this model, you can use it for any type of project you are trying to accomplish in your life.






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