When you are working to achieve something that you have purposed in your heart, have you ever fallen off the wagon so hard that you lose track of where the fall happened AND most importantly, you don’t even know where the wagon is? HELP! Where is my wagon?

NEWSFLASH! IT IS NOT HIDING FROM YOU! No, it is not a “hide and go seek” game. Your wagon is right where you left it and guess what it is waiting for you! Now, how do you focus your determination lens to see the wagon again? The Buddhist proverb says: “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Ok, so you become a student that is eager to do and eager to learn in your situation, then and only then will all that you need appears to guide you back to your wagon.

Everyone has a wagon and we all fall off and lose track of it sometimes, but the questions remains, “how do I get it back?”, “how do I get back on it?”, “have I been off the wagon so long that I have to start all over again?” and “what do I do so that I will not lose my wagon again at the same place?” Well, here is a quick exercise that may help you!

EXERCISE: Fill in the blank  with the name of the wagon you lost. You say out loud to yourself or to your support team, “I need to find my __________ wagon and voilà…your wagon will appear in plain sight again!

If you still need help with locating your wagon and want to stay on your wagon this time, let me know.  I would be happy to assist you with one of our accountability plans tailored JUST FOR YOU! Contact me today at info@jfyconsulting.com

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3 thoughts on “WHERE IS MY WAGON!

  1. Roger

    When I get on my wagon everybody that I contact to help me shoots my horses and throws gas on the wagon and torches it so I have no wagon to get back on. How can you find the wagon when all that is left is a pile of ashes?


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