Marilyn Green   June 20, 2016   3 Comments on YOUR ROAD

The Road that Leads to You!

I recall reading the book awhile ago called  The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck.  The book’s title is what I think about as I write this post because I think about how  often time and time again, we avoid, overlook and simply do not consider the road that leads to yourself.

It is a lonely road because you have to walk and/or run it alone perhaps in some cases through the wanted and/or not wanted lens or opinions of others.  Being true to you is hard and we often allow others to shape our thoughts about ourselves.  Facing the reality that, for example, that you need to go to school to fulfill your dream and even if you had the finances, you JUST do not want to do it. However, you want the results or the benefits that  a degree or certification could do for your life,  but you can not bring your mind and body under subjection to achieve it. This lack of discipline of the mind and body  fits for a lot of things in your life. WHAT IS IT IN YOUR LIFE? WHAT NEEDS TO BE PLACED INTO FOCUS so that you can see it better?

I challenge you to be brutally honest with yourself and go down the road less traveled to find you!!

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