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Who We Are

JFY Consulting is an inter-generational think tank that exists to provide strategic and innovative solutions to our customers. We specialize in providing high-quality consulting in three core areas: grants, education, and information technology. Our continuum of services serves to illuminate the strengths and areas of growth for our customers, in order to maximize their potential, whatever it may be. Whether the challenge is big or small, short-term or long-term, we are here to provide the best solution, Just For You!

Marilyn Green, CEO



Whether it is searching for grants for a large non-profit organization, evaluating the implementation of grant funding programs, hosting grant parties to assist groups of novice grant writers on how to be competitive, or teaching individuals how to become effective at grant writing, JFY Consulting is here for YOU!

Information Technology

Assessing the I.T. needs for your company can be complicated. Whether you are looking to expand your networking infrastructure, or your company is seeking to develop a closed circuit camera system for your store, we are here for you.

Educational Services

From professional development seminars focusing on increasing teachers' cultural responsiveness, to district-wide data analysis and evaluation of programmatic effectiveness, JFY Consulting will partner with any administrator, organization, or school district for implementable and equitable solutions.

Contact Info: jfyconsulting@gmail.com 618-920-8871

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